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April 25, 2006


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photo by robby-T

Let's face it folks-I have so many opportunities to photograph examples of "Engrish" here in Taiwan it's not even funny. Well what's stopping me you ask? The old "time" enemy, and not owning a small enough digital camera I can take with me as I move about. I really have a plan to post more and more offerings of this wonderful "Asian" pop-culture  phenomenon.


April 10, 2006

Too funny, but the fish is rubbery.

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Photo by Azlan Nache
I've been living in Asia and eating japanese food for over 30 years and I never knew these things. What a hoot. Check out video here.

April 6, 2006

Let the power fall

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July '78 19 years old-back from the "sticks" of Arizona in NYC the town that roars and devours you like a lion. Going to see one of my favorite bands-Wire of Pink Flag fame. Like the Ramones a whole album under 30 minutes, but what intensity and exuberance. Minimalist and exciting from start to finish. Not getting the big press or attention, but those that know, know.

Show up at some theatre in Manhattan in the Village? East Village-it was for a live broadcast by some local FM station. The band was screwing around: stop start, stop start, play. It seemed the band is oblivious to us waiting to hear a show and the clock ticking down to close to the hour when the broadcast would begin. Some hippie Dj type from the station goes over to Colin and whispers (what must have been the equivalent-do you know you're going on the air live in 8 minutes? or something like that). Colin snaps to attention-the power from heaven fell on him and instantly the band do a song from beginning to end with electric tension and perfection. The marching orders are in-they are ready to project out over the airwaves-from chaos and sniping amongst band member's- Colin to Robert, in snotty English accent "Aren't you so fuckin' stupid" to thunder of the god's intensity like I've never seen or heard. All within seconds-punk epiphany for the city boy home from the sticks.

2nd night more of the same seeing the boys in CBGB punk mecca-place of legend music of dreams-the intensity-energy, sonic assault,passion fulfillment.

April 5, 2006

Jay is the winner

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Photo by Sugar Cain

Living here in Taiwan our media has always been more time-shifted particularly for English language programming., I just watched the final episode of Project Runway produce by some of my favorite Hollywood( via New York) bad boys-the Weinstein Brothers. I was very pleasantly surprised when Jay McCarroll very creative and somewhat flamboyant young desiigner won over the favored and more seasoned Kara Saun. Even jay was expecting Kara to win. I eally got the feeling that Jay's surprise at winning was as genuine as  my own. Glad to see he won based on his creativity over Kara's better technique.

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