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March 29, 2006

You Gotta Love This…

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2 big corporate entities embattled in a match of the venal and inane. Apple Corps. and Apple Computer square off over who can leverage the ubiquitous fruit as their proprietary appelage.

Apple Corps Ltd., the Beatles' record company and guardian of the band's musical heritage and business interests, is suing Apple Computer, claiming the company violated a 1991 agreement by entering the music business with its iTunes online music store. 

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Simpler is Better

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I can't explain why I get such a wonderful feeling when I sip from my blue glass tumbler. The little blue world within , the deep blue sheen of the liquid. Kind of like the feeling the dope dealing neighbor(Wes Bentley) of Kevin Spacey in American Beauty, would get when the empty baggie got caught up in a little whirlwind. I don't want to quantify or intellectuallize only enjoy.

March 24, 2006

Proof I was born

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Inevitably my mom calls with the annual reminder that she indeed was there that first day so many moons ago. Cory had a BB post about working in the wee hours and getting up early. That seems to have become my MO. Had an interesting comment from Brad on my Butterfly Dreams cast and a note from crazy Stazy guitarist and singer for Frantic Chant. Kevin remembered to wish me happy birthday. To me the siginifcance of a birthday is that you’re alive and have opportunities to love and be loved, create, share and experience.

March 19, 2006

After giving it much thought…

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I’ve decided to throw my lot in with Frank Key and others and lend my support to the “Eating Swans is Unacceptable” campaign. Yes, friends this is my entry into fowl activism. Ducks, chickens, cornish hens, and geese are all fair play.

March 12, 2006

Can it be?

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Was having a bit of a geek epiphany with some fellow sci fi geeks on a Wingin’ It chat during taping of Wingin’ It 52. Karen form Kalifornia, Tee Morris, Summer Brooks, Simon and NeoDoug from the UK and Bronze Thumb from Oz were all in a group chat. Might even be better than actual show( sounds blasphemous). Supposedly, we’ll get a streamed feed of live show next time. Why am I writing about this? Why am i doing this? Hmm, maybe I’m becoming a geek myself.

March 8, 2006

The Moose steered me right

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I scanned a post that Ken Nelson had today on his blog RE: HyperWords a really great browser tool plugin for Firefox. Has all kinds of functions when you highlight a word from search, to spell check, to translate into a number of different languages. Pretty cool. Thanks Ken.

March 2, 2006

TD-0013 move over

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Never thought I’d be saying this. TD-0013 who previously was my favorite personality/character on Wingin’ It, has been pushed aside, at least temporarily by Jimmy (Denver). Jimmy (Denver) is a caller who’s shtick is kind of spastic learning disabled guy selling magazines. Picture an audio mashup of the best of the Farelly Brothers and you get the idea. TD-0013 do I need to get the “Man in Black” on you?

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