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February 27, 2006

No freakin’ kidding

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Army to Pay Halliburton Unit Most Costs Disputed by Audit

Published: February 27, 2006

The Army has decided to reimburse a Halliburton subsidiary for nearly all of its disputed costs on a $2.41 billion no-bid contract to deliver fuel and repair oil equipment in Iraq, even though the Pentagon’s own auditors had identified more than $250 million in charges as potentially excessive or unjustified.

The Army said in response to questions on Friday that questionable business practices by the subsidiary, Kellogg Brown & Root, had in some cases driven up the company’s costs. But in the haste and peril of war, it had largely done as well as could be expected, the Army said, and aside from a few penalties, the government was compelled to reimburse the company for its costs.

Under the type of contract awarded to the company, “the contractor is not required to perform perfectly to be entitled to reimbursement,” said Rhonda James, a spokeswoman for the southwestern division of the United States Army Corps of Engineers, based in Dallas, where the contract is administered.

The contract has been the subject of intense scrutiny after disclosures in 2003 that it had been awarded without competitive bidding. That produced criticism from Congressional Democrats and others that the company had benefited from its connection with Dick Cheney, who was Halliburton’s chief executive before becoming vice president.

Excerpted from NY Times article

Gee, do you think it’s a coincidence? We already know Dick can’t shoot straight-I rest my case.


February 24, 2006


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Been working on the blog and wiki, and even did a Public service announcement for Paul Fischer is a good example of an “uplifter“. He spent a fair amount of time helping me analyze what might be wrong with my Mac, how to fix it, and helped me with some source code problems. Thanks Paul.

February 19, 2006

Dragon Sightings

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Photo by L&CoolJ’s

I’ll now be a regular occasional contributor to the DragonPage via my “Dragon Sightings” segments. After guesting on show and hanging around DracoVista studio long enough to accumulate dust, I got an idea to do a brief piece to include in their variety show format. I’ve already sent in first piece on “water dragon”, their are five kinds of dragons and all other Chinese year-animals. Water, wood, fire, earth and metal(see this wiki entry).

February 14, 2006

Return from abroad

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Photo by Mary Hodder

Back home and getting reaclimated to my life where I left it in a ball on the floor. Sorted through 1000+ e-mails mostly garbage in several languages… It’s still nice to return home. Met a nice guy named Ray on the return flight to Taiwan-he also attended the Shot Show I went to in Las Vegas. Managed to get fairly reasonable sleep in the form of several naps to help deal with the better than 14 hour flight time. Watched Elizabethtown, Capote and I Walk the Line as well. Thanks for the good service China Airlines.

February 2, 2006

Lonesome Fugitive

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Photo by Lacey and Cielle

Just like the song says, “I’m on the road again.” Here in Phoenix, using Super Shuttle Mike’s handy-dandy laptop with the speedy cable connection. Need to check into cable connection when I return to Taiwan. Hope to get interview for FreeCulture News done today with Michael from DragonPage. First I need to run some automobile related errands for my mom.

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