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January 12, 2006

I wish I made that…

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How many times have you encountered a product, or computer application and say to yourself, “I wish I made that…?” Well here’s one for me and probably you too. I’m talking about Musical Genome Project’s “Pandora.” Think of an internet radio station that will build channels based on songs or artists that you reccomend. It will generate other songs/bands it feels you’ll like. You can rate them or delete them, never to appear on your station again, or if you love them-add to avorites list. You can also order via direct ITunes store (for single) or Amazon store (for CD) links. Feel pleased with a station you made-great, now e-mail it to a friend. I’ve been using it over a day now and it’s total serendipity as to what Pandora will generate. Lovin it.



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