The Bluesman\’s Killing Floor

December 30, 2005

…and so it goes.

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Photo by litmuse

Only 36 hours remain in 2005 at the time of this posting. What kinds of things happened this year? In April I found out from a Phoenix New Times article that there was something called a “vlog” and a “podcast” a form of audioblog. The article also indicated Adam Curry formerly of MTV was the alleged “podfather” and had almost single-handedly created “podcasting.” Initially I listened to Adam’s DSC on a regular basis.

Well, here it is at year end and I don’t listen to DSC, nor have I in months. I’m pretty selective over who I listen to, keeping busy doing 3 podcasts a week myself. I tend to embrace more “core” podcasters, that have a sense of community and citizen-media esprit de corps. Have made a number of web/podcast/blogging virtual friends, gotten well reacquainted with my mother tongue and had some fun and personal satisfaction as well.

All in all, this has been a good year for me, from both a cultural and self-actualization standpoint. I believe it’ll be even beter in 2006.



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