The Bluesman\’s Killing Floor

December 14, 2005

Unsurpassed Joy!

Filed under: My Word... — bbluesman @ 3:56 pm

Originally I couldn’t get my darn computer to load up my external firewire drives where a lot of my programs and most of my files are. Needless to say, I was getting manic. Even asked a couple of Mac guru friends back in the States if they had any words of wisdom. Finally, I got the briliant idea to shake the connector cables a little after having shut down and rebooted dozens of times. “Lo and behold”, it worked. Yeah. I hate computer problems even more than I used to hate car problems. when the car is broken, you can still walk, ride a bicycle, motorcycle, bum a ride, take alternate transportation. But when the computer is on the “fritz”, what are you going to do? Use someone elses? I don’t think so.


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