The Bluesman\’s Killing Floor

December 5, 2005

And the winner is…

Filed under: News — bbluesman @ 3:38 pm

Recently there were local (city and county level) elections here in Taiwan. Finally, some relief from the sound trucks and even sound motorcycles, yes sound motorcycles. The Taiwanese are the living embodiment of,”if there’s a will there’s a way” kind of thinking. There’s somethiing to be said for that. I’m happy to say there were some big changes on local political map. Northern 2/3 of the island voted overwhelmingly for the original ruling party(KMT-same party started by Sun Yat-sen father of Republic of China) and the southern 1/3 stubbornly re-elected the curent ruling(DPP) party of lame-duck President Chen Shui-bian. This indicates to me that voters are able to overcome strong ethnic pride and vote according to performance.


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