The Bluesman\’s Killing Floor

November 3, 2005

Have a headache on me

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It’s getting close to election time again in Taiwan. One of the prices to pay for the expanding democracy here is massive “noise pollution.” Political hopefuls hire advertising trucks to broadcast the voice of the candidate telling us how, “he loves Taiwan more than the other guy, and how he would never steal “too much” because he “really” loves us. You know the drill. Just like the Who said, “Meet the new boss, same as the old boss!”

I’m thrilled that Taiwan is becoming more and more democratic-but this method that needs to be retired. It’s really rather nerve-wracking. Strangely, it’s not just we expat foreigners living here that can’t stand all this racket. The locals don’t like it either, but so far nothing’s been done about it.

I would still opt for the “garlic chicken”, or medicine herb chicken vendors of yesteryear on the horn first thing Sun. morning over these clowns.


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