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October 29, 2005

Keep the props coming….

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by Ocherdraco

Got a really big buzz, no make that several, this morning upon popping the e-mail box open:

1) Hey
I am basically writing just to tell you I really enjoy your podcast. I had not heard of it until you were
just finishing the “Down and Out in the Magic Kingdom” reading. I wanted to read some of Cory Doctrow’s work but had not gotten around to it. When I found out someone was doing a reading of it I thought it would give me an idea about the book so I could purchase it at a later date. I really enjoyed how it was done with music and the story. Once you got the narrative flow down with the music it became very good. After I finished it I started listening to your regular podcasts (as well as the “Free Culture” ones) and I
began to really like what you were doing with those. I am definately digging your work
-Keep up the good work

Nothing like someone caring enough to write and give up some of their time to share some props-thanks Mike!

2) Received e-mail confirmation from Dave Slusher of EGC to be interviewed on debut of Free Culture News time tba soon.

3) Received e-mail from Simon Steadman of the really cool Brit-rock Steadman Band (formerly the Dharmas). He thanked me for playing their music and he gave me a link. If you don’t know, they’ve graciously made their entire professionally produced musical output available for free download under Creative Commons license. Simon is a friendly bloke in addition to being a talented musician.

4) Found out that my little Brother Love has decided to use 2 of the tools of the community, that have embraced him-Podcast & Blog. Podcast is a monthly thing with Rob from PodcastNYC. Good move BroLo and Rob. Rob’s site is wheer I first found good NYC podsafe music to use in my podcast including the Loveman himself! Then I played “Push” on an early podcast when fellow “music maniac” Charles Chapman (yes I let the cat out of the bag!), more widely known as “CC Chapman.” of Accident Hash just about came through my DSL. In is own words,”Dude, KILLER show today. Great stuff. Can you send me the Brother Love track? I was grooving out to that thing hard core!!!

Don’t take my word for it-CC and I both get name checked in BroLo’s inaugural podcast.

4) Props for my man Evo”the Holy” Terra of DragonPage fame. His new book is coming out shortly.

5) Cory’s new podcast-“Sysadmin” totally kicks ass! Everytime I want to compliment Cory I almost feel like puking, because I don’t want to sound like a blithering idiot or an overly exuberant puppy dog. Still, I can’t help it-he is an intelligent, talented, and impressive conspicuous producer of compelling content. This guy is like the bastard child of Kurt Vonegut and the Energizer Bunny!

6) Last but not last(maybe this least-ok, I’ll shut up) I’ve had several e-mails back and forth with virtual-troubador Jonathan Coulton and his performance partner and friend(very interesting eclectic content author), John Hodgman. I have an idea to do something with their 700 Hobos piece. Will update soon.

7) Finally we bring on the band , well close. Big props to my brother and one of my main crime partners Aron Michalski for the fine cast (yes-I laughed my ass off once again) and the name check!


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