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October 22, 2005

More irons in the fire

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Got a good idea for adding to Free Culture podcast series-Free Culture,EFF,CC, DRM issue news. Will continue after done reading book with weekly Free Culture Newscast including CC music. Cory D thinks it’s an excellent idea as well. There is so much going on these days in this area. If you just read Cory’s post’s in BoingBoing alone, there must be at least 15 stories a week. I feel these issues merit the additional attention and coverage. We the producers of Citizen Media are the one’s who stand to profit or gain the most, depending on how these issues are resolved by the presiding courts or government bodies. My concern is, this like most other issues will catch people’s attention and cause them to offer a sincere, “wow-that really sucks”, or “gee, that’s really important, someone should really do something about that…” Well, you know the drll-we are the “someones that need to do something.” If we leave it up to the professionals, or semi-professionals, I think we are in real danger. Not because they’re not competent, but rather due to their inadequate numbers and insufficient funding when stacking up against multi-national corporations with bloodlust in their eyes, and hellbent for unfair domination, caring only about maximimizing profits.

In following up on some of Cory’s posts today, I found out that Stanford’s Law School is trying to organize a forum to discuss issues like Yahoo’s Jerry Yang giving info on Chinese dissident to Chinese gov’t to keep peace with them and not jeopardize Yahoo’s business interests in China. It seems many of the big corporations are “closing one eye and blinking the other eye” as the Chinese saying goes, to not rock the boat with their Chinese gov’t patrons who keep the door open with the same “foot that steps on the heads of their citizenry.” The Chinese message is only too clear, “play footsie with us and you can have all the market access in China that you crave, but the price of admission is the technology China demands, often ending up bulding the police state and stifling the growth of democracy.


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