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October 20, 2005

Cyberspace Telephone?

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Remember the game of telephone that you played as a kid? Youknow the one where you said “grape jelly” to the person next to you, and they repeated to it to the person next to them, and on down the chain, repeating to each successive person. Then you’d ask the person at the end what the word was and he’d proudly proclaim some aberrant answer that maybe rhymed with the correct answer,”ape belly” or something like that.Well I find in writing, and in e-mailing, particularly when both parties are pretty busy sometimes you get a result not much different from our childhood game of telephone.

Case in point, I had asked a podcasting friend if he new about a certain Sci-fi/Fantasy publishing company. They specialize in sci-fi programming for podcast and even have a book review program. I thought I had indicated my intentions were to “read” online published stories within podcast of my own. Somehow he construed my intention as “reviewing” book company’s publications which he’d like to include in his podcast???

You know, I think I like his permutation better than the idea that I had. I’m going to follow up on that with friend: Evo from DragonPage and check with publisher: Baen Books. Maybe even do both-I love people, so much less predictable than machines, yes it’s that alluring “random factor.”


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